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There is no spoon.

Update: November 10

Here's two more sketches...I'm still thinking the first one works the best in terms of the use of the spoon negative space. What do you think?

Update: November 7

Thanks to you AWESOME classmates, my resolve is renewed. Here's the newest of the sketches. I see now how there are lots more iterations to do and explore. I will keep going!

Update: November 6

After focusing my efforts on my son's halloween costume creation, I have got myself a bit more time to focus on this project! I find that I am a little lost in the expectation of creating this amazing optical illusion, that is also readable. I am including some more sketches, and some beginnings of seeing the whole sentence together. Your thoughts and feedback are much appreciated!!

Update: October 23

Here is my first round of sketches for the lettering warm up. The only word i could really choose was "spoon" so, here's my take on a few ideas, based on several of the inspiration images. There are some unresolved issues with the dimensional version, although i like it a lot and am thinking it might be worth exploring more. There is something appealing to me about the "in a shape" version-- but again, it seems unresolved to some degree. I am neither here nor there on the other iterations. thoughts are welcome!

October 20:

I love the idea of playing with the metaphor of seeing the illusion around us with this quote. Here are some of the keywords for me:

metallic, sleek, spoon, optical illusion, trickery, dimension, monochromatic, duotone, juxtaposition of handmade and computer generated, minimalist, simple

Here are some images that stood out to me for my inspiration:

I love the idea of creating a letter from a shadow.

the flowing of one letterform into the next

something embedded within the letterform

its so simple, clean, and yet it conveys such a clear message about the character of nyc.

a little more literal--i like the idea

i don't know why, but i am really drawn to this look.

love the optical illusion in these two

this is superb-- organically created illusion

not sure why i am including this. its just appealing.

These are my thoughts so far...I am not sure how this will coalesce!


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