Angela Alvarez Velez




There is no shortcut...but there is a path


This sentence has been on my mind for a while now as I think about writing and art in general. I love that idea. "There is no shortcut, but there is a path". So I knew it was what I wanted to do for this project, but I didn't get a visual until yesterday. I thought initially of making a maze with no way out and using yarn for the twists and turns. I traced out the maze on a board and hammered some nails unto it to make the twists but the tangle of yarn looked messier than the maze, and I really liked the texture. Next came the path, which went through many changes before I decided on rocks, because it is a rocky path, a lonely one, but still a path. I couldn't get a very good picture of the whole thing as they are both on a long slab of wood so I took picture of both halves and stuck them together on an app.


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