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There is a cartoon in everyday life - long live the art of cartooning

I’ve been a Computer programmer with 15+ years of experience in writing code on Microsoft platform.

In order to remain on top, I have been focused and dedicated through all those years which resulted in losing the other side of life which has to be with friends, closed ones and obviously filled with humor and doodling skills which I loved and really passionate about.


Out of my frustration, I created this platform for everyone to unwind, laugh (on imperfect doodling skills) and think beyond daily chores. Start your day with doodles and enjoy them throughout. I’ll be keeping this more as a cartoon site as everyone like to enjoy natural, imperfect doodling skills and not the software driven motorized perfect cartoons. Also every product displayed  on site will be related to cartoon, humor and fun. Let cartoons be there in our everyday life.

Let me now relate the above in the following Q&A session. 

What is Marketing for?

Marketing at is about connecting with the cartoon lovers who want to embrace cartoons in everyday life.It can be cartoon watch to wear or cartoon book to study or cartoon toys for children. At the same time giving a platform to the doodlers to show their skills to everyone around. 

What are we allowed to touch?

As a co-founder I've complete control of the project and whatever has been developed till now has been novel and can always be improved upon. It is more of humor and cartoons and will be improved as we move along.

What can we as marketers measure?

Well we can measure the engagement source, most and least items sold, percentage of regular customers from the total, social media performance. 

What can we change?

We can improve upon each and every aspect which goes in delighting the end consumer. We can help customers share their experience.

What promise are we going to make? 

Our products will make you wanting for more, it's cartoons all the way.

What’s the hard part?

The hardest part is getting visibility and rising above the noise and living to the expectation of the end user.

Should your organization be making trends or following trends?

We need to be leader.

Where is the risk

There is risk of getting lost in the noise. There is a risk of under-delivering and therefore not living to our reputation. 

Who is in charge?

I am in charge of complete set of activities.

Marketers spend money. Where are you spending the money? What is it for?

Currently the budget is a constraint but we will be spreading the budget across social media, google ads etc and this is for awareness campaign.

How should we be spending our time?

Need to spend time on increasing subscribers.


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