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There are no bad ideas

27 Dec 2013

Hi everyone!

Mary Kate's first class was excellent, and I'm very excited to start my project for this one. This time around, I'm going with an inspirational quote from one of my favorite TV shows, 30 Rock. I think it will be another fun poster or print.

"There are no bad ideas, Lemon, only great ideas that go horribly wrong." - Jack Donaghy

Considering Jack's predilection for whiskey, I turned to whiskey labels for inspiration.

I made quick work of the first steps of lettering as I want my main focus to be the color/texture work. Pardon the poor quality of these process photos. One day, I'll devote more time to making them better...

Lettering Warm-Up:


I got rid of the "Lemon" part to make it a little more universal.

Rough sketch:

Refined Sketch:

(I got a Lightpad for Christmas. Yay!) This refined one is still pretty rough... Will clean it up a bit more before inking...

Can't wait to see everyone else's work!

29 Dec 2013


There was a fair amount of redrawing, retracing, scanning, redrawing, and retracing before I settled on my final inked version. The Lightpad helps a lot. Gotta love the process!

Quick show of my sketch's evolution: (in their digitzed forms)


I'm working with Creative Cloud and had to do things a little differently than in the videos. The live trace worked alright, but I do wonder if it would have looked better with CS5's settings. (I had a threshold of 120-125, Paths @ 96%, Corners @ 98%, and Noise @ 5px.)


Here are the four color options I put together. They all stick pretty closely to the inspiration on my mood board. My current favorite is the top-left, Jack Daniels-y scheme. The honey whiskey version in the top-right is a close second.

It'd be great to get feedback on what color schemes work best!

6 January 2014


I wanted to give it a worn label/screen-printed look. For the lettering, I used a Copic brush ben to create textured gradients and also a 6B pencil for some parts.


Moar textures! The markers and paper texture really weren't working for me. I made a more subtle paper texture and experimented with some water color textures.


Here's the texturized version:

I started smoothing things out with Photoshop brushes, focusing mostly on making the gradients pop more and toning down the paper texture background. Here's where I am now:

Still have some fiddling to do! I'm thinking even more contrast with the gradient, and trying to find that sweet spot for the background texture too... But I'm liking the direction it's going now that I switched from marker to watercolor!

17 January 2014

I think I'm ready to call this done! I made a few more subtle changes, adding more white to the words with the gradient and making the screenprint texture a little more noticeable. I did paint over some of the more distracting parts of the screenprint texture too.

So there it is! Thanks to everyone for your feedback and to Mary Kate for putting together another awesome class!


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