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There are Birds in my House!

My good friend Rachel made a comment during one visit to my house... "I've noticed you have a lot of bird things..scattered all about."

And she is right. There is a decided bird motif that runs through the place.

I guess she's I look about...yes, there are a lot of bird things scattered about. But as I thought about it... most everyone has birds in their house too. So I set about capturing my birds... and birds you probably have as well.



A slew of skeches were done.  

I thought I'd use this project as an opportunity to experiment with a mirroring app called AstroPad. Using my ipad, my laptop and the Adobe software on my laptop, I can draw on my ipad with my 53 Pencil and have it appear on my laptop in the program I like to use...Adobe Illustrator.

It was a bit tricky to use. Steered me drawing in a way that was a little different from how I typically work. But I liked the result, so I kept at it. Drawing one birdish, birdlike, birdie thing after another.


Above is the result of this diverse drawing systems collaboration.

I next pulled together the images into a collection and came up with 2 designs. Would love some feedback.





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