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There Once Was a Girl...

There once was a girl who loved to write and loved to take pictures. And she was good at both. But as the years passed, she got caught up pursuing a completely different path in school and after that, she got caught up in surviving, taking jobs that would pay the bills.

And her soul shriveled as she put her creativity aside.

Finally one day when she was well grown up, she went back to school to study stories -- any class she could take on stories. And this was good. She joined a world-spread writing organization for support and education. And this was good too. She took out her cameras again and started taking pictures of things that pleased her. And this was best of all.

But for all that good, one thing interfered: fear. Fear of failure. People said, you write so well. People said, you take such beautiful pictures. People said, you need to sell everything! And she froze up.

Soon whenever she sat down to write, all she heard in her head were the voices telling her how and what to write, instead of the voices of her characters. And soon, she stopped taking her camera out for fear that what she shot wasn't as good as what she used to shoot.

Finally this girl reached an age where she said, Fuck it; I'm doing it all anyway. I'm going to write whatever I want even if it's not the novel everyone is expecting me to finish and publish. And I'm going to take pictures whenever I need to even if the shots suck and I don't do anything with them, ever.

And that's what she did.


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