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Therapy Pioneer

I am a therapist that wants to help other therapists develop their private practicees. The problem is that therapists don't think of themselves as small business owners, freelancers, or entrepreneurs. They start out as therapists with the intention to help people. They go to school to learn the clinical skills of therapy. They graduate and do an internship for one to six years before they become licesnesed. They never learn along the way how to develop their business, how to do marketing, or how to scale their business.

I want to help therapists change their thinking, learn new skills, and develop a community where ideas spread, inspiration is given, and encouragement is given to build their private practice.

Who is it for? My customers will include marriage and family therapists, psychotherapists, pscyhologists, and social workers.

What does this group believe? They believe in the importance of helping people. They are a generous group of people. They also believe they are primarily a therapist and tend to not fundamentally believe they are entrepreneurs.

Have they bought a similar product or service before? Many will not have. Some have bought a similar product or service, and either found it helpful, did not find it helpful because it wasn't specific enough, or did not have the courage to take action apply what they were being taught.

Do they know about you? Not yet.

Do they trust me? Not yet. As an intern, some licensed therapists may not trust me yet. It will be easier to gain the trust of interns. Creating valuable services in the main way I will develop trust.

Are people paying with cash, attention, or connections? Cash mostly but the rest is necessary too.

Are you connecting one customer with another? I want to add value to the community and one way to do this would be to connect one customer with another, providing a users forum, a knowledge base, a resource center, inspirational stories of examples, and mastermind groups.

Are you connecting one kind of customer to another? I'm not sure. Perhaps customers that are both have the same licensing so they can connect during the long process it takes to become licensed. Or perhaps down the road connecting each other for hiring or for referrals. 

What job is my customer hiring my product or service to do? Help them teach their children science at home. Help them connect with other science based homeschool parents.

If this catches on won't cheaper companies steal my market? Possibly, 

What is the hard part? I'm not sure. Perhaps creating quality work that is valuable to the cutomer. But probably not. Perhaps finding the customer and building trust.

What's scarce? In the therapeutic community, it is scarce to:
1. Have marketing skills
2. Thinking of oneself as a small business owner
3. Have a system or plan to grow the business.  
4. Have a community to learn from in how to do this. 

Does my offer become more valuable as more people use it? Yes, especially if I focus part of the work on creating a tribe of users.

How much does it cost to make a sale? 

What's the value of a customer? 

Can I make what I make significantly more cheaply? 

Can I make it faster? 

Can I add more value to what I make? 

When can I ship? I can ship in terms of working as a business coach immediately. It will take a few months to create quality products like online courses.

I am a freelancer as a business coach to therapists. I am an entrepreneur when I have books and online classes because once I create these I can continue to get paid while I sleep.

If you're a freelancer, write down precisely what you will do to:

  • Ensure a steady stream of work
    In creating a valuable product I hope for word of mouth referrals. I hope to market with good 
  • Create an environment where you don't go crazy and melt
    Work/life balance is important to me. Once I start generating some income I hope to be able to work normal business hours of about 60 hours a week. Until then, my melting potential increases for every week I work 60+ hours. Thankfully, I am passionate about this dream and really enjoy it so far! I will continue to take time with friends, my girlfriend, climbing and working out 3 to 5 times a week, and taking time to get away frequently.
  • Consistently raise your prices, increase the quality of your work and generate a waiting list for your time (at the same time).


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