Theory & Practice

Name: Theory & Practice

Mission Statement: Work. Play. Practice. A studio for people who live a combination of health, work and fun. For those who know the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, and want an affordable, welcoming and enjoyable place to do so. Free from judgement, from restrictions and from expectations. 

About Us: Hot yoga and pilates studio that offers affordable options for those who desire a great workout and a healthy lifestyle, but are oftentimes deterred by the price and the judgement of traditional studios. 

Audience: Core target audience is women ages 18 - 40. These are the brand evangelists/ambassadors. The larger desired audience is men and women ages 16 - 70. These people work in the creative industry, have non-traditional work hours and live just on the edge of major metropolitan areas. They value their health, just as much as they value their work and their wine. 


- Studio - physical location from a design standpoint

- Website

- Social Media

- Community networks

- Branded gear 


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