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Theorem - Collective

Final final illustration

14th June 2013

Following some feedback I decided to revisit the typography. Happier now it's more minimal (like the music) and ties in with the car dashboard.

Final illustration

4th June 2013

Here's the final illustration - kinda pleased with it, such a difference from the flat vectors, and definitely enjoyed working on it.

Shading with a dissolve brush

3rd June 2013

Wow, really enjoyed using Glen's technique for shading using dissolve brush - it's added so much depth and interest already. I've only done the car interior so far but I think it's interesting enough for a snapshot. 

Flat vector artwork

31 May 2013

Okay, back on on it - here's the sketch vectorised in illustrator.



(20th May)  I'm a bit behind with this project - I landed 3 freelance projects just after signing up for the course and I  work full time (dog ate my homework etc etc) - anyhow I am working my way towards it but there's only so many hours in the day. Ironically, this is the project I would like to work on most.



Not sure which one of these I'm going to go with, they all create a slightly different vibe. Am leaning towards the 'in car' view.



Starting out

I have chosen to create the cover art for a new Theorem album. This is not a real album but rather my wishful thinking. Theorem (Dale Lawrence) has not put out an album since 2002 but still makes music and adds the occasional track on soundcloud ( My imaginary album is a collection of these songs and other previously unreleased tracks - it will be called 'Collective'.

His music is what I consider to be the best of minimal techno. It is mechanical but at the same time organic and very beautiful. I like to listen to this when I'm working late at night in isolation - it is deep and atmospheric but with a constant sense of movement and rhythm that keeps you pressing on. Some music I like to listen to with other people but with Theorem I'd rather be alone with his futuristic soundscapes - for me it's like coming into contact with the invisible forces of the universe, haha, but seriously, kind of humbling.  For this reason I think the cover art needs to reflect this isolation and the relationship of an individual with a landscape of great scale. Perhaps driving through a city at night (it's great driving music), something futuristic like a scene from Bladerunner, or perhaps a lone figure journeying through a rural landscape with hints of futuristic machinery below the surface.


The artwork from his previous two albums is itself minimal with simple shapes and flat colours. For me this belies the intricate beauty of the music so I am consciously diverging from this to explore a different visual identity for this album. 


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