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Theodore the Poet

Edgar Lee Masters (1868–1950).  Spoon River Anthology.  1916. 

 Theodore the Poet

AS a boy, Theodore, you sat for long hours On the shore of the turbid Spoon With deep-set eye staring at the door of the crawfish’s burrow, Waiting for him to appear, pushing ahead. First his waving antennæ, like straws of hay, And soon his body, colored like soap-stone,Gemmed with eyes of jet. And you wondered in a trance of thought What he knew, what he desired, and why he lived at all. But later your vision watched for men and women. Hiding in burrows of fate amid great cities, Looking for the souls of them to come out, So that you could see, How they lived, and for what, And why they kept crawling so busily. Along the sandy way where water fails As the summer wanes. 

Log line

A boy from poverty and the mundane, develops a curiosity for life beyond himself, and in doing so unearths the horror, humor and beauty in this passion. The river chaotic mirrored the world.

I want to give a sense of the curious imagination in a young boy, that creates a man with great insight into the human condition. The mundane backround of his home life, and a mind that never sleeps around those that do.

I want to try and depict the struggle with connection to people, and the escape routes he finds throughout his life, put into very distinct spread out scenes with both visual and physchological  impact, to allow for the short film requirment. His focus on the rountine in life, and the need to break free by observing and rebelling. I realise this was written about Theodore Dresier, and to a degree I would like to stay true to that, but also add fiction to bring my perception of the characters personalty to life

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