Theming my Work Days and Personal Time

Theming my Work Days and Personal Time - student project

I really liked Mike's comment in the class about theming not only your work days, but also the time you spend at home. He also pointed out that a lot of people have morning routines, but we think about our evening routines a lot less.

When I come home and start cooking dinner, I'll often turn on the TV and watch/listen while I cook. While I've seen a lot of great TV shows this way, I've also been meaning to read more and listen to more music, and that's time that could easily be given over to those things as well. If I don't have a plan in place, though, I'll turn on the TV because it's the fastest option (takes me too long to find music or an audiobook from the library to download!). Theming my evenings seems like it could be the right solution!

Theming my Work Days and Personal Time - image 1 - student project

Here's how I've themed my upcoming week for work and home, with my work days organized first by my certainties (tuesdays and thursdays), then by the order that makes the most sense. My evenings are themed by what type of thing I want to focus on, so I won't have to make the decision in the moment.

Becca Cloyd
Content producer at Skillshare