Themightytimbo gets mighty in 2013

Feeling lame about myself.  Weight topped out at 207 lbs in 2012.  At 6'2" I still carried it but I was looking flabby and definitely not fit.  Managed to diet and exercise down to 191 lbs by July.  But I've gotten lazy about exercise and lazy about my diet and I've drifted between 193 and 197 for the past six months.  The realization that I had enough discipline to drop 15 pounds with a concerted effort, rather than encouraging me to lose the next 10 or make a life change, I realized "meh, if it gets out of hand, I can just drop 15 at will."  At 46, though, I'm not sure that's realistic.  So I'm buckling down and taking this seriously.  I've been at it on Fitocracy since mid-December and I'm seeing results - not on the scale, but in the mirror. 

First order goals for the year are as follows:

Complete C25K

Run a sub-30 5K

Work up to 10mi/wk running

Complete 100 Pushups on Level 3

Do the Real Century Push

Complete 200 Squats on Level 3

Get down to goal weight of 180lbs with better body composition

Improve diet - less cheese, less beer, less soy


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