Theme: why and how


psychology & mental wellbeing through slow living

the art of simplicity, nature, art as therapy

creating yourself

experimenting and learning how to be a human

how to live live according to your own values and make the most out of it

through mindfulness



Because my most important goal is to become better at living and being a human

to stop the suffering and make the most out of being a human

because life should be about experimenting, discovering ourselves, fun-playful, connection with other people and the things each of us care about  and people tend to forget that

social media if full of do more. I want to be about be more I want to promote being what you long for and not about following others, trends etc. You have a voice, unleash it

to stop the idea that psychologists are only for people mentally ill people or that therapy and working at yourself is boring or hard


How I plan to create content for my theme:

-create unique content regarding personal development and wellbeing as creative and fun

-photos of ideas on how you can take care of your wellbeing

-through art: poems. authors and artist that I love

-share other people as a source of  inspiration

-quotes with captions explaining different psychological concepts

-share myself in experiences of exploring different hobbies and how it makes me feel

-share different kind of arts as tools for discovering yourself

-photos of nature and simple things viewed from a different perspectiveTheme: why and how - image 1 - student projectTheme: why and how - image 2 - student projectTheme: why and how - image 3 - student project