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Their roots are intertwined insep'rably


Their roots are intertwined


Author: Henry David Thoreau, Friendship


I chose this quote to illustrate as a gift for my husband.  This was one of the poems we read for our wedding, so it carries a lot of meaning for us.  I love trees- yes, I've hugged them- they are majestic, tall, rooted deeply in the ground; they have character, they've experienced so many years.  The idea of the roots being inseperable, that two acient beings have their foundations so deeply rooted in each other really symbolized the relationship my husband and I want to cultivate ( <-- nerdy pun) in our life together.  All jokes aside, we both really loved the language and meaning of the poem, and this little snippet at the end was the perfect choice for my first hand-lettering project!


I love the idea of replicating some of the colors, illustration styles, and typeface that could be found on vintage hand-colored postcards.  I found some for our wedding invitations, so I have a good supply from which to find inspiration.  I also love the description of roots in this quote, particularly tangled web underneath the ground.  It's almost nest-like, which would be an interesting juxtaposition of an often "above-ground" phenomenon below-ground.  I'm playing with that concept on a couple of different levels, too- nest being a home or place of belonging, which is a sentiment I obviously feel with my partner. So I also have words like cozy, vintage blankets or flannel for pattern and texture ideas, as well as different types of nests as perhaps graphics to be added.

Just some initial thoughts.  Very excited for this project!!

Initial Style Trials:

They're all OK- not my favorites.  Oh well, more sketches to come.

October 23, 2013

I had the chance to sketch this morning, and did a preliminary "layout":

Once again, I'm not sold on this.  But it was a chance to think about some different lettering (Dimensional for "their" and nouveau-style for "roots").  I think I need to expand my mood board or find some additional inspiration.

November 04, 2013

I've been waffling on my previous inspiration, and today I began exploring different options.  Instead of a vintage poster theme with a "campy" feel, I've been thinkng a lot about seed packets.  Vintage packets often had beatiful lettering and designs, and the more I think about it, the more I really love the aesthetic. 

Here's my moodboard so far:

I'm loving the seek packet idea, and am looking to do some additional sketching later today/tonight.


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