Thee portrait of Mister Hobbes

Thee portrait of Mister Hobbes - student project

As someone that's primarily worked in black and white for pretty much all of the time I've been drawing I'm super shy about using colour because I feel like I don't totally understand how to use it effectively - - but holy did I find this class useful! I really loved the method Stephanie uses for finding and mixing colours into themselves to help with the overall cohesion of the palette you're working with.

I feel like I still want to take another class as a deep dive into colour theory but this one provided me with a bunch of tools I'll take forward with me.

Anyway - - Here's the piece I made from this class. It's a portrait of my cat, Mister Hobbes, who sadly passed a couple of months ago and the ripe old age of 20. I miss him dearly and thought this might be a good moment to memorialize him - - 

Thee portrait of Mister Hobbes - image 1 - student project

My initial intention was to put him in a patch of grass and use the blades to frame him in place but I found that the image more striking without them so I left em out. So, yeah, I didn't really expand the palette beyond the figure but now I do, at least, know how to do it - - I promise!

Thanks, Stephanie!