#Thecolorselfie - student project

I decided to use The100dayproject to challenge one of my fears: Being photographed.

As a photographer and video producer I’m normally always behind the camera. I have had my Instagram for 7 years, but never posted a selfie and when we get back from family vacation there’s only photos of my family never one of me.  And I feel it’s time to change this, and I figured that taking and posting a selfie every day would eventually help me get used to it. But when I started practicing taking selfies I felt how difficult it was for me, and I knew I couldn’t do this for a 100 days, so I decided to combine it with something I really love: Working with collages and colors in Procreate and I recently started changing my wardrobe from all black and grey to new light colors so … My The100dayproject is this:


  1. Take a selfie
  2. Make a collage in Procreate using the colors of my new clothes or beloved items I’m photographed with.


I really had a lot of fun the first 5 or 6 days, but then I woke up one morning thinking what kind of totally stupid project is this?

And I felt it was a total waste of my time to do something so useless. And for me this is the real challenge. So far, I decided to keep going. To allow myself this completely unnecessary activity, but it is hard sometimes.


But thanks Rich for a motivating class on the100dayproject and for being a good teacher!#Thecolorselfie - image 1 - student project