- Online Marketplace for Watch Enthusiasts - Online Marketplace for Watch Enthusiasts - student project

I have a love for watches. I also have a hate for buying anything at full price. In other words, I love a good bargain.

After spending a few years scrolling through forum posts, I was left wanting more. I wanted an easier way to find watches for sale from other watch lovers like me. That's when I started creating The Wrist List.

The Wrist List is an online marketplace and community for watch enthusiasts. Anyone can join for free. In order to post a watch, members must buy and submit credits. After this, there is no other fees (sales fees or listing fees). 

The Wrist List is approaching completion so I need to start generating buzz and collecting email addresses to notify interested soon-to-be members. - Online Marketplace for Watch Enthusiasts - image 1 - student project

Joe Bencar

Online Marketer, Entrepreneur, Problem Solver