TheThumbprint: Resume Update

TheThumbprint: Resume Update - student project

Decided to revamp my resume and since I will be making variations away from my Adobe Creative Suite products, I wanted a web interface to make it easy to update from anywhere. Glad I found this class because Canva has proven more useful than I originally thought.


I've sent this to a couple of friends to proofread for me and they may end up making diction changes as well. So, the text may not be finalized quite yet. I just wanted it simple and professional looking, with a slight air of "artsy" because in essence, an artsy professional is who I am.


I just redesigned my website at too so I updated all of the colors on the resume to match the color scheme of the new logo for continuity.


Blurred out my phone number and email, but feel free to contact me on Skillshare. Any critiques are welcome.


Happy Skillsharing, everyone!


TheThumbprint: Resume Update - image 1 - student project

Designer and Illustrator based in the US