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Nina Ho




Branding Assignment #1: Answering the Tough Questions

What is my story? 

I am an experience junkie. That means that I’m addicted to trying new experiences and finding ways of making it happen. I am an entrepreneur, artist, writer, traveler, and student. I’m also 19 years old.

I love telling stories, and this blog is a way for me to tell mine. My story is one about shaping my own experiences and sampling everything that life has to offer.

My blog,, is a public diary of my successes, failures, and adventures along the way. I also hope to tell the stories of remarkable young people – the movers and shakers of our generation – who are changing the world by taking the road less traveled. This isn’t just a lifestyle blog. This is a blog for those who believe that age does not restrict. It liberates.

What do I want to fix in world?

My tag line is: “My name is Nina, and I believe in discovering new oceans.” Likewise, I want to empower other young people, specifically those ages 17 to 24, to be confident enough to seek out new and challenging experiences. It takes courage to pursue ambitions like international travel and entrepreneurship and motivation to make them a reality.

Why do I want to do this?

I’ve been a passionate and ambitious person all my life, but I use to lack the extra “boost” of confidence needed to step outside of the norm and get to the next level. After going through a personal journey and a lot of self-reflection in my last few years of high school, I have come to embrace myself and who I am as a person. By learning this lesson of acceptance, I am now confident enough to pursue my many interests, explore the world, and grow into a well-rounded young woman.

Who is my audience?

My tribe is 17-24 year olds who want to live life fully and refute common age assumptions. Eventually, I hope to be an influencer who helps other brands – brands that are consistent with my story – connect with the tribe that I’ve created. Right now, my readership consists mainly of my friends, family, and undergraduate students at the University of Texas at Austin. Since UT has a strong reciprocal relationship with the Austin community, I’m hoping to use my voice here as a launch pad for the years to come.

What’s unique about my brand and myself?

I am individual who strays from the norm – even my life story is unconventional; I was born in Vietnam and moved to Texas when I was 5.  My passions vary immensely and range from business, kickboxing, salsa dancing, to linguistics. As a college student, I am currently studying French, advertising, Portuguese, and entrepreneurship at the University of Texas.

Also, I’ve been fortunate enough to have numerous domestic and international travel experiences; in fact, I will be going to Salvador da Bahia, Brazil, this summer to learn Portuguese.

A recurring theme of my brand is that I am fascinated with all expressions off the human experience and want to pursue them all.  

What are my superpowers? 

I have the confidence and courage needed to try new experiences, as well as the willingness to do what is necessary to manifest these experiences. When I am writing on my blog, I try to be as honest, genuine, and vulnerable as I can when speaking of my successes and failures.

A less obvious superpower of mine is the ability to communicate clearly and articulate my thoughts – something that is apparently uncommon for a person my age.

Here is my website,, which I launched 2 weeks ago. If anyone from the class could provide me with feedback, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!


1. Since the unique thing about me is that I am a "19 year old entrepreneur," is there a way that I should incorporate that more into my brand/blog? Aside from what is already there?

2. What are some immediate steps that I should take to build my tribe since I'm in an opportune position as a college student to connect with my tribe?

Hi everyone. I shared the above questions with Ishita, but I would love to get some more feedback from students in the class. Thanks!

Branding Assignment #2: The Tribe

Who is your tribe? What do they think about? Why? 

My tribe consists of 17-24 year olds who want to live life fully and refute common age assumptions. Right now, they doubt themselves, are comfortable with the status quo, or lack the confidence needed to achieve greatness. They have big dreams but are afraid of pursuing those dreams at a “young” age because it’s seen as unconventional. Their weakness is listening to what “others say” instead of what “I believe.” 

My tribe worries about being pragmatic and fitting in, knowing that the easier choice to make is to fit in instead of stand out. They are young people who need that extra boost of motivation. They want to hear from someone that they can relate to – someone who’s experiencing these same emotions but is still paving her own way through life.


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