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Lucas Assis

TheCircus Clothing



TheCircus Clothing

Name and Location: Lucas Assis, Los Angeles CA

Brand Name:  TheCircus Clothing

Slogan/Mission Statement:  "Enjoy the Show"

       Welcome to TheCircus. A circus is colorful, diverse, inspiring, & lively. At a circus, onlookers want adventure, fun, & entertainment. So, our mission is to deliver important messages to the public using the welcoming, fun-loving, and appeal of a circus. TheCircus blends issues within politics & current events to provide social awareness to young adults in this creative way. As an upcoming apparel company, our goal is to differentiate ourselves from other online apparel shops. We want to bring the same welcoming feeling from our visitors as a circus. TheCircus is more then just a clothing brand, it is an institution that inspires, creates friendships, offers adventure, & brings out laughter and smiles. So sit tight, we are going to bring you a great show. Don't forget, we only make a select amount of merchandise -- once it sells out we will never make the same product. Check the site often or you may miss out. Ofcourse dont forget to always Enjoy the Show.

Extra Credit Adaptabilty test


"Uni" our unicycle Icon    


Logo Variations



L.A Dripping Shirt



TheCircus Tent Crewneck

Unidrift shirt 


California Republic  Shirt


Logo T-shirt printed on super-soft shirt



Kanye Clown shirt

We Are the 99% shirt

Car Design extra credit




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