Gail Wyman

Graphic Designer, Maker, Artist-in-Training



The young heart walking into light

I used the files that were supplied with this course and learned a lot!

Really loved learning the technique to create a mirrored water view from a beautiful sky, as well as all of the good painting techniques that as an amateur, I would have overlooked.  I've tried combining photos before and now know why so many didn't look realistic.  Loved masking out the edges of the boat into the water!

Here's a copy of my full colour version, which I really liked, but I'm really glad to have learned about the B&W overlay, bringing in the colour and creating more dramatic shadows

Note: I have updated photos from feedback re: boat shadow that you provided . . . could you comment and tell me things that should still be improved? I love learning - thank you!

I kept the levels adjustment on for this full colour photo but left off the b&w background. Like the effect!


Thank you for a great class!



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