The world of Ten Thousand Things | Skillshare Projects

Gina Kelly

Artist at Weathermaker Press



The world of Ten Thousand Things

I live in the world of ten thousand things and the secret underworld is a protected glowing vanillla scented space, like the center of an egg.

When I'm in the secret underworld, I am connected, happy, and creative.  

All too often, I get called up into the land of ten thousand things.  It is there that everyone needs me to do something...lists upon lists of banality.  This is where the car needs an oil change, but because I was distracted with 9,999 other things, my car's engine starts knocking and now the oil change is replaced with buying a new car.

I live in a world of distraction and I forget that I have the ability to climb down the tube with the ladder to the secret underworld, the center of things.  I forget this because from the surface of the land of ten thousand things, the ladder looks different.  It looks more like a aimless rabbit hole.  

...and so I've been living in the world of ten thousand things and I have forgotten where the tube ladder is and what it looks like...I would love for someone to show me, but as everyone here is busy with their own list of inexaustable banalities, I could not trust them to know.  I have to find a way to remember myself, or find a new way to get there.  


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