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The wondrous world of processing

I've been dabbling in and out of processing for about a year now. I haven't touched the program for a while and I am looking forward to renewing my knowledge and as well as learning Hype!

Here are some patterns I drew a long time ago which I would like to someday attempt in processing.

UPDATE 9/19/2013

I finally had some down time to play around with HShape and create some patterns. I took a portion of one of my patterns from above and created this.


I hope to find more extra time to experiment with the rest of the HYPE framework as well as practice on finding good colors using the techniques Josh has suggested.

UPDATE 12/08/13

I finally had some downtime to continue this class. I took a few parts from my patterns  and traced them on illustrator.

Here is a test I did with HColorPool and HDrawable Pool.

I decided to try things using HGridLayout to see if I can recreate one my of drawable patterns. 

After seeing the great tip on using the Recolor Artwork button on illustrator. I made some edits by deleting a few shapes.

Here is the result:

UPDATE: 12/17/2013

Here's another experimentation I did with patterns, textures, and colors.


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