The wicked and the cold

The wicked and the cold - student project

Hi Brian, and thanks for sharing this class.

I tried to imagine twins with different personalities, which is easy to represent so I wanted to add a little dificulty to the mix, so I wondered if I could make them both evil and not one good and the other bad.

I started by chosing a palette that could represent magic and mistery so I selected a triad, with red, green and blue, the three of them with a medium value, and I used as the fourth color the one that I selected for the skin.

The wicked and the cold - image 1 - student project

For the second one I tried to represent cold, fear and darkness, so I selected a cold palette with a variety of blue and to contrast I selected a red that actually looked like orange next to all that blue so it really looked like a complementary. And it looked like this: 

The wicked and the cold - image 2 - student project

I hope I didn't messed them up.

Yaela Sans
Lettering, packaging and illustration