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The who, what, where and how of me

I know by the end of this course I will know the who, what, where and how of me, at the moment, it is a page for words, some still unwritten and a jumble of hopes, wishes, fears and an eclectic skills set.


I'm enjoying the process and have gained a glimpse of where I might be heading after filling in this questionaire. 



It has been nearly 24 hourse since I completed the brand questionairre. If I were paying myself for the work I have done on this since then, even at the minimal price I would have earned $480. So I have decided to spend those earnings on the webstie makeover I have begun, which, incidently, was the main reason for enrolling in this class. The URL for the webstie is Castana being the Spanish word for Chestnut. 

Mission statement:

Essential content for studio and gallery owners originating through the study of artistic works and creative expression.



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