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The white bowl that looks just like all the others

There's a white bowl on my table. The only thing in it is a double-wrapped chocolate Santa that was left after all the other chocolate pieces were eaten. It's not even a candy bowl, or a holiday bowl. It's pretty unspecial and un-unique. It probably belongs to my housemate. She brought a lot of bowls with her when she moved in.

I'm sure I've either used it, or one of it's sisters, to heat up my tomato soup in the microwave. That's because I live in New York and since I moved here, I don't really cook soup from scratch. So this bowl, or maybe it's sisters, helps me cook and eat. I'm pretty grateful for it.

It has ornamental grooves on the outside. I imagine that this was probably done by a machine, but I don't know how. I never took a ceramics class in hig school, because I was always much better at drawing. I never took an art class in college. It's a good thing I came back around to making art. I wonder how hard it would be to make this bowl by hand. Maybe as hard as building the machine that did it.

I just learned right now that this white bowl was made in China, and it's dishwasher safe. I am Chinese but I wasn't made there. But I have heritage there. The bowl was born there but lives in the US. It's second generation and I'm first. I bet it would have an accent, and I'd be able to understand it really well because my parents have had accents my whole life.

It's oven safe too. The only time I've ever seen someone use a bowl in an oven was when my mother made this egg pudding thing. Parents always think we like things as kids when we haven't completely made up our mind about it, because we haven't been alive long enough to come to conclusive decisions. That egg pudding thing was something she insisted I loved. And I didn't really fight her on it, even to myself. I guess I'm disagreeing, way retroactively.

So you'd put some of water inside a cast-iron pot and turn on the oven. Then you'd whip up some eggs inside this second-generation Chinese American bowl and set that in the middle. Cover and stick in the oven. Leave it for 20 minutes, or some amount of time we could google. The eggs become firm but still silken soft, like silky soft tofu. Add some soy sauce on top and eat it with a spoon.

Spoons. I'm surprised it took me that long to think of those. I imagine that if I were talking about a spoon, I'd probably think of the bowl immediately. Spoons kind of require bowls to exist. They depend on them. The bowl is independent. I can use it by drinking out of it like a cup.

I think I'm going to make that egg thing tomorrow.


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