The weak pawn

The secret #1 is new for me, I'll try it asap.

But I want to share with you my experience with the secrets #5, #7 and #8.

My facebook page is Escuela de Ajedrez Peón 64 Playa del Carmen.

I have to explain that my page is about chess, so my audience is very limited. It took me a year to have 1,200 fans.

A couple of months ago, I made a post of a metaphorical quote that says: "Podrás considerarme débil. Pero al menos yo nunca retrocedo" (This means "I might be considered weak. But atleast I never turn back"), and the image of a broken stone pawn. It was a post just to fill the space, cause I had not published anything in a week.

I posted that on a tuesday night (that way I discovered that this day/hour is the magical moment), and shared it in a group about chess.

Most of my posts have less than 10 likes/shares. So I was insanely happy when before sleep my weak pawn had 40 likes (innocent me).

When I woke up, the post had more than 200 likes and 300 shares. And +300 new fans.

After a week, my weak pawn reached +2500 shares (still growing), and most important: +1000 new fans (I mean, in just 1 week I got the number of fans that took me 1 year before).

Now I apply the #8 frequently: I post metaphorical quotes which is what people just LOOOVE (also, quotes are not advertising per se, so you're allowed to share on groups. If they see your quote, they're going to visit your page where you have the real advertising).

Haven't had the weak pawn's success again. But now I have 2700 fans, growing.


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