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The way you do the things you do

Well, where to start...

This is the first typography anything I have ever done.  I am a huge fan of lettering, fonts, awesome design, architecture, birds, plants, moths...

I love The Temptations.  I have a favourite memory of my friend and I dancing around her living room to this song, over and over again.  My friend has just had a baby and I'm going to be seeing her soon for the first time in three years.  I really want to make a print, that isn't crap, of the song we danced around to and give it to her.

We shall see.

Scan to come... 

So, yes expanded my trace and fixed some things to my liking and then realised that my could has fused to my dipping down g.  Shall fix when small children aren't clambering all over me.


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