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"The voice of the sea speaks to my soul." 2-week challenge

Sept 28th...I did it.  Thanks for putting a 2 week project.  It put a deadline, but wasn't too overwhelming.  I have many iterations of the same thing, but just picked one.


I love the ocean. When I sit on the sand and listen to the violent waves crashing on to the shore, I feel a sense of peace come over me.  I feel answers come to me as I listen to the sea. This quote says exactly that.

The quote is from The Awakening by Kate Chopin. My other project is to read the book.

I am definitely excited for this project.  I have done a few classes on SkillShare, but this is my first project I am sharing.  It came in time because I was ready and had some time.  I have been practicing a few hours a week for the past month.  It has been very calming and fun!

This week I practiced my alphabet.  I am using guide lines, but doesn't seem like it.  As I was going thru my practice, I realized I missed the letter "j".  So that is why after Z there are some J's.  That's why its called practice.


I am still trying to figure out how to compose my quote.  I want a wave type of look.  It still hasn't come to me so I just started practicing the words and hoping something will come to mind.  I will practice a bit more to figure it out.


I have a couple of sketches of composition.  I had trouble with the wording.  I can't decide where to break up the quote.  I am going to sit on it for a few days.






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