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The van der Wal family

I started the project with writing down all the kind of icons I would be able to incorporate in the design to represent my family. My family consists of my father, mother and younger brother and the list of icons consisted of about twelve at first so I had to narrow it down and have at least 1 icon for each person.

- Vegetables for my mother since she likes working in the garden planting our own vegetables.

- A hammer for my dad because he is always working on something, fixing things, helping other people out.

- A globe for my brother who has seen quite alot of the world in his 24 years. The globe can actually represent all of my family since everyone loves to travel.

- Videogame controller for me because I like to play videogames with friends in my spare time and also did some programming and designing for games in the past.

I also wanted to add the flag of Fryslân, the province in the Netherlands we originate from and still (most of the time) live.

Once I knew what I wanted to show in my design I started sketching and browsing the web for some inspiration on already existing crests.

My main artboard where the whole project came together:


The end result:


I'm quite happy with how it turned out, personally I like the one that's (mostly) black and white that really gives the flag of Fryslân that extra pop. However, I think I will try working with color a bit more and see what I can come up with.


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