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The two minutes difference...

Ok, after some technical troubles with the ipad, I do manage now on the website by my laptop. I'll share some more of the process...

On my way to my job, which takes a bit more than one hour by train and some other transport, there are at the first station two crucial minutes that decides if I travel comfortably with the direct train, or that I miss that one by two minutes, and have to take the route with a transfer, a stopping train and slightly different route.

Geographically it is more or less like this:


The arrival time is about the same - even a bit shorter travel time for the route with the transfer in it. This I depicted like this:


Then I wanted to add the comfort factor more prominent in it, while keeping the time axis. The transfer and stopping train after station Gouda (middle one) caused discomfort, the routes are indicated in the same colour as my first geographical approach (yellow and blue):


And then I wanted to make more clear that the difference of two minutes in the beginning of the trip was so crucial for the outcome in comfort, that I emphasized the comfort by the smileys and non-smileys. And although the same location, the arrival at the office will feel so different that I as well can depict them as two separate offices - my mood created by the route defining how I will perceive it at arrival.

Although not ready, it should be much more smoothed and maybe redrawn, some part more styled like the bus/tram at the end, for me this is a satisfying outcome now. Definitively I learned to work a bit with Paper, and it was fun to do that in this way! Thanks!

ps The comfort difference between routes is not that big in reality :-). I can as well travel with the direct train 15 minutes later.



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