The "tingle" factor - project completed

Lori is a fun lady who works as a ward clerk in our local ER.  She deals with staff & clients under stress, and often takes abuse or is taken for granted.  I hoped to bring out some of her beauty and emotional range.

She was fun to work with, had lots of neat suggestions (good collaboration) that moved the session in different directions than I had originally planned.

My initial goal was to have more emotional variety expressed, but we ended up going in more of a glamour/fashion direction with the shoot.  Looking back, I probably should have been more forceful (and perhaps better prepared) to push my agenda.  I've selected out three of the images that, to me, express sides of her personality which I hadn't seen before.

Below is some of my earlier work

The rest below are works of artists whom I admire.

Portraits that move me have some common elements:  strong emotion or mood, direct eye contact with the lens, or some quirkiness of facial features, wardrobe, pose or POV.

I tend to favour dark images, speaking both in terms of low-key technique and theme/mood.




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