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Yeşim Memişyazıcı

A graphic designer who's in love with illustration



The three persimmons and a little girl

Hello fellas :) This is Yesim from Turkey. I'm a graphic designer who is in love with illustration. After many years, I restarted drawing and painting in these last months. I'm trying to discover my self and the new tecniques and so exited to see the results because they are surprising me! :) This is my play ground and I don't plan the things, I accept the as they come. After I watched the videos of one of my fav illustrators ever, dear Shimizu, I tryed to ink with the brush for the very first time. As she adviced, Ibought but still did not use the japanese brush. I'm trying to understand the tecnique. Hope you like my sharing and share with me your opinions :) Love from Istanbul!!!

Let's start! :) I could not find the ink she adviced in the art suppliers store so I bought: Handy Art - Velvet waterproof Indian Ink. Andddd even I coudn't help my self of buying this fantastic japanese brush... but I still did not use it.Waiting for getting better :) 


I used a Pebeo 00 watercolour brush instead.


Yes, I'm ready to go for painting.


I started to play with it in Photoshop.


Here it comes!  I'm not so sure if it's really finished. Probably tomorrow I'll add something on it :)


Hello :) Here is my second project! Glad to share with you the creative process, hope you like it :)




The freshly baked, newest one! "Meet me in the woods!"



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