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Del Hansen

'Old school' Designer and Illustrator



The three little pigs - illustrated by Del Hansen

Hi Lisa and fellow illustrators!

This is such a fun project and a great way to get back to my art and design roots after a long break.

I love the way the project is broken down into logical steps - it stops me from racing ahead on a finished design which is my natural tendency!

I also love the accountability of showing our work. So...(deep breath) goes.....


Response email to Client:

Subject: Illustration commission for Three Little Pigs

Dear Sally,

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you to illustrate the Three Little Pigs. I love the quirky modern style of Swanky Publishing children’s books!

I already have a few ideas brewing and am excited to get started. Just a couple of things before I do:


  • As you may be aware, my work varies from pure hand drawn illustration style through to mixed media and collage. Can you please advise if you have a style preference for this job.
  • Is the page orientation to be landscape or portrait?
  • Do you have a file format preference?
  • Will you need large/poster sized versions of the cover art at some point?


  • Could you please supply proposed timelines for the internal illustrations so that I can make sure they can be incorporated in my upcoming schedule. 
  • I look forward to receiving a work contract and assume it will contain further detail regarding fees for the cover and the rest of the job? 
  • Please allow 5 working days from the start of contract for the initial concept sketches. I will need a further 3 days to produce the final design from concept sign off. 

If you need to discuss the project further you can always reach me on my mobile phone (XXXXXXXXXX) and I check emails hourly during business hours.

I look forward to working with you.

Del Hansen



Concept 1: Based on a comic strip type grid with new interpretations of the building materials. I'm thinking it may be a bit too busy for the cover.


Concept 2: BIG bad wolf and the piggies take cover on the roof. This is a cleaner, simpler design.


Final Concept: Super bright colours and a simple palette designed to make the cover really stand out.

Final Concept Email:

Hi Sally,

Attached is the final full colour artwork for the Three Little Pigs cover supplied as a CMYK tiff. I have also supplied the photoshop layer file with colour separations.

As discussed, I have used a very simple palette with a bright yellow background that should really help the book 'pop' on the shelves. 

I have sent through the invoice for this work in a separate email. 

It's been absolutely great to work with you on this project and I can't wait to get started on the inside pages. 

Del Hansen


So Lisa,
thank you sooooo much for sharing this course with us 'newbies'.
It was such a fantastic experience and made me realise how much I miss working as a creative professional. As a burnt out graphic designer I developed a deep loathing for my job as I spent ALL day staring at a screen. But this combination of digital and hand-made really hits the spot for me. I think I am ready to jump back in at the illustration end of the pool - and that is largely thanks to you.


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