The three T's

The three T's - student project

The three T's - image 1 - student project

One more attempt. Trying to add warmer colors in the foreground and improve the figure's appearance. Also I think the cloud is much improved after studying your other class. :)


***I am at the same advanced level of some of your students, but I found this class very helpful. These three tips are easy to remember and very helpful in my landscapes as I continue to learn. I am happy with my latest finished piece, but there is always room for improvement.

The three T's - image 2 - student project


Here are a few of my newer paintings. I would love your feedback on these as you have time.



The three T's - image 3 - student project#4


The three T's - image 4 - student project


The three T's - image 5 - student project



The three T's - image 6 - student project

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