The thankful receiver

The thankful receiver - student project


It was really helpful to see Jeremy's process of making these kind of posters. First I spent some time searching for a phrase or quote that I could work on, then I started the illustrating. I began from thumbnail sketches not even supposing where it will take me. I made 9 quick drawings, selected one, transferred it to Adobe Illustrator, vectorized it, and at the end created the final presentation in Photoshop.

A little bit about my illustration process

I started like this:

The thankful receiver - image 1 - student project

I chose the last sketch for further development:

The thankful receiver - image 2 - student project

It took me some time to decide should I add more details, but at the end I just worked a bit more on the background texture. I found a suitable mockup for it, paste it in Photoshop, and voilà:

The thankful receiver - image 3 - student project



This is my first typographic poster ever and I'm quite happy how it came up at the end. All of the letters first were drawn by hand, and later by mouse and Illustrator's brush tool, which makes me even more happy, since I didn't use any existing fonts.

Thank you Jeremy for the inspiring and free course! Keep up the great work! 

Dusko Stamenic

Graphic Designer