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The terrific tale of Bellisia Bee






Sound interesting?

This the basic story board. There are two main characters Annabella and David  The story begins with Annabelle looking out the window waiting for David. She is so excited and can't wait but then decided to play with her toys.  These plays are set to make Annabelle be that child that we are. Finally David arrives and they are off. The say goodbye to a friend who is too busy because a few bees have quit their job because they are afraid of cows. Maybe they see cows and are reminded of  how cows give us milk,  (not sure) Next they meet a bear who paints and then a rabbit who is looking for carrots and gets lost. (not sure here) At last they meet who they came to see mother apple. She is the most beautiful tree and she tells her story of how she was the last to grow but now she is the tallest tree and helps all the apple trees grow. 

My story is one that is about having purpose and that everyone has one. There may be scary times or something unheard of but you have to move forward.

Oh the ending is a bit of a surprise when David who is a butterfly visits Apple and seeks advice because he loves nature and wants to be queen bee of apple orchard but no butterfly has done that. He asks if he is crazy.

I want the reader to answer yes and ponder ways that this can happen.

I want the intended audience 1st graders to feel like they can do anything in the word. I want to reaffirm this.

Bears don't paint

Bees shouldn't fly

and so on which is why I need to work on the two friends they meet and make sure their stories relate

Apple Trees don't talk and so on

In my world all is possible. We should always feel like our dreams are possible.    

Please I welcome thoughts.  Does it sound like a story you would read? Does it sound boring? I have to think about the cows and the rabbit.





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