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Marta Masana

Art History Student / Freelance Artist



The surprise

That's a real story that happened to me. I was living in Barcelona for a month, and though I was having a lot of fun, I was also missing Pablo, my boyfriend, very much. He told me that he wouldn't be able to come to visit me due his exams, so I was a bit sad/upset.

But one day, he suddenly appeared at my door, just like in a romantic movie. I was completely shocked and full of happiness.    

* References

Those are the references I will be looking at, including: a bear cake, home/architecture/furniture stuff, a supermarket, a sport bag and hug postures. 

* Thumbnails

- The story begins with my character (me), wanting so badly to see again my boyfriend, after almost a month without him. 

- Then, a flash comes to my mind: "what if he's coming to visit me, as a surprise?" But hey, this is real world, not a fairy tale. That's the middle of the story.

- On an unexpected turn around, he appears at my door. I just can't believe it. But it's real. Sometimes, magic happens in the real world, too!  

* Storyboard 

I'm going to divide the actual storyboard in three separate sections: beginning, middle and end, to make it more clear and be sure I don't forget anything. I'm going to treat each section as an storyboard itself with the phases Leo taught us, so at the end I will have Phase 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.1 etc. 

1.1. Key moments

1.2. Completed scenes


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