The story of tidying up

The story of tidying up - student project

Managing your home can be very stressful and make it hard to relax and enjoy life. Whether you’re having trouble relaxing at home, balancing work and family life or bickering with your partner about house chores, we help relieve stress by taking dirty time-consuming housekeeping tasks off your hands. We care for you and your family by taking care of your home needs. From the basics, like wiping down surfaces, dusting, making the beds, throwing in a load of laundry, and cleaning the floors, to customizable checklists unique to your home, we give you time back to spend on what you value most. 


Maybe you can’t give your kids your full attention, because you’re distracted by the mess all around you. Or you come home from a stressful day at work and can’t relax because there’s still work to be done at home. You’re tired of bickering with your partner about house chores and just want to relax together and reconnect. Perhaps, it’s been too long since you were able to do something just for you, like treat yourself to a face mask, read a book or catch up with an old friend. We totally understand! Your life is busy and it’s hard to give everything your full attention. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else prioritized you for a change?  


Just imagine coming home after work or an afternoon of running errands, and walking into a sparkling clean home. Your house suddenly looks like the cover of a magazine! Is this magic? Then you remember, you booked an appointment with Tidy Keepers Express and while you were gone, all those pesky stressful housekeeping tasks vanished! They even let out Spot, the family pup. No unexpected messes today! 


Time is precious and limited. You deserve to spend your time on what matters to you. We can help you do just that. Spend time on what you want. It’s time to prioritize you - YOU DESERVE IT!


Getting help has never been so easy. Book an appointment online, fill in some basic information, let us know what needs are unique to your home and on the day of the appointment, you don’t even have to be there! Leave the rest to us and just relax… finally.