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The story of the Three Brave Little Pigs... and their very nasty neigbour

Dear Lisa,

I'm a huge fan of your work and I'm loving this little project! It is a great distraction as I just handed in my final copy of my first children's book, which is being published by an icelandic publishing company this autumn. I made many mistakes during the process of making my book, (took me 5 years to finish) so now I'm trying to teach myself to become more organised and time efficient. 

I wanted to try something different, so for one of my roughs, I imagened the wolf and the pigs were all female. This made things a bit tricky when it came to writing the email to lovely Sally. I hope she wasn't annoyed with me when I suggested messing with the genders in the story. I would probably not be brave (or foolish) enough to do this in real life - but decided to give it a shot here :)

This is my email to Sally:



Sally relpied promptly with answers to my questions, and told me she would happily consider changing the genders of the story. 


Here is the first rough I sent to Sally:


And this is the second one, where all the characters are female:



I was pleasantly surprised to hear that Sally wanted to go ahead and change all "he" to "she" in the story, so we decided to pick the second draft as a consept for the cover.


So here is my final cover - all feeback greatly appreciated:


Many thanks,



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