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The story of The Three Little Pigs and the excited illustrator

First of all, thank you Lisa, for this great class!

It war really interesting to learn from your experience as an illustrator and the challenges were so much fun!

Writing the mail was quite a struggle for me, because I'm german and my english-skills are not that good and because I'm always so excited when I have to write official and important e-mails, apparently even when it is a faked response to an unreal person.

But it was interesting to pass through this complete process of getting a project to do, making drafts and a final piece of art.

So here is my work:


Dear Mrs. Sims,

Thank you so much for considering my artwork for your new book about the Three Little Pigs. I’d love to accept this assignment and I’m really looking forward to do a modern version of this old classic story. The timeline works fine for me; I can finish the cover artwork in the next month.

To avoid misunderstandings and to clear your expectations, I have some questions left:

  • You mentioned that you are looking for a contemporary and modern version of the story with bold colors and composition. Do you have some keywords or reference to specify the modern look a little closer?
  • Could you send me some more information about phase two of the project: What is the deadline for phase two, how many pages should the final book contain and what will be the fee for this phase?
  • Do you have a special color scheme to be used? What format do you prefer to receive the illustration in (.jpg, .png, …)?

I’m looking forward to work with you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me on [email protected] or +49000 0000000.

Best wishes,

Denise Reinert


Here are the two drafts, that I made.

I wanted to do a drawing that includes all four characters as well as the materials, that the pigs used to build the houses. And I wanted to animals not to look too human-like, so this is the result:



It was not easy to decide which draft to use for the final artwork, but I liked the look of the wolf over the hills, so I chose the second draft.

And this is the final artwork:


Thank you Lisa, for this interesting class!


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