The start of the road

The start of the road - student project

Hey, I'm Paulina. Art always was important part of my life, but I realised not that long ago that that's the road I want to pursue in life :)

My art is quite abstract, and I haven't been that confident about it for a long time, because at first I imagined my future self as a children's book illustrator (my style isn't a traditional choice for a children's book). This past half of year my 2 biggest goals were to change my perspective about the ways I could be successful as an artist and experiment with my art style.

I feel as if I've done quite well - I know what kind of work I want to create (even if I admit it can evolve with time) and ways I could make a living out of it. For this year, my goals are to set up an Etsy shop, start freelancing and brand myself as an artist.

One part I had a bit of trouble about during this class was describing a specific customer who would buy my art, that's why I'd welcome all feedback about my works - I think it would also help me with branding. (you can find some of my works on instagram: @peledaitis )

P.S.: this class was great help. Probably my favorite on Skillshare so far, so thank you Brooke!


The start of the road - image 1 - student project


The start of the road - image 2 - student project