The small decisions I make can change everything


My Short term goal is to stay motivated to keep exercising. I've often started diets or fitness plans only to give up on them when I don't see results fast enough. 
Now my plan is to be consistent and view this as a lifestyle change. 
I'd like to learn how to say no to free food, for example when someone brings cupcakes to work.  I feel like I eat well 'most' of the time, but ruin my healthy eating by having a binge day or feeling the need to eat what's put in front of me. 
For the longer term goals I'd like to lose 35kg and I'd like to be able to run 5kms by the end of the year (I can't run at all at the moment).
The small things make a difference. Every decision matters. From choosing fruit to snack on instead of chips, to not having a biscuit with my coffee, or walking to the shop instead of driving and making exercise a regular part of my life. Do the right things often enough and they'll become habit. 
UPDATE: I've been exercising almost everyday since joining fito (3rd jan).  I downloaded zombies, run 5k app and started my training (fun!), so I can eventually run 5k. I  also rejoined my gym and signed up for an archery training course which begins in april.  
Other little things I've noticed is that I've walked to the shops when I would usually drive or say 'I can't be bothered', and I've been choosing wiser snacks and drinking more water. 


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