The silence of growth.

The silence of growth. - student project

The silence of growth. - image 1 - student projectSo, in the first stage of processing ideas for the illustration of "quiet", three terms were highlighted to me: forest, pregnancy, and growth. I am very attracted to the peace and calm of a forest, where the only sounds are a small russle from a fox darting away, or the the snapping of branches under your own feet. My brain automatically combined this with the concept of pregnancy. The tender silent moments when the mother is alone, dreaming and admiring what is to come of the baby resting soundly inside.  This then lead me to the more generic topic of growth. I tied the two ideas together by the matchless, unavoidable, life's task of growth. Growth being the most silent of all, yet can never be ignored, thus defining the line, "we all grow." Simple human nature, yet hardly ever heard and can't be undone.The silence of growth. - image 2 - student project

So I've added color with my color pallets, and left lots of open room for texture and patterns.... 2nd step done!