The room in front of me.

(version 1)
Does living in a rectangular room for years and years not feel like living in a matchbox? 
Well, unlike what was depicted in the cartoon shows which we used to watch as kids, its not and i tell you why. I spend most of my time in the living area of the 2bhk apartment which I share with my mother and it does not feel like what's mentioned in the first line at all. It's an airy room, well-organized and naturally lit up during the day. The walls are a bit creamish which have a very subtle grainy texture which can be felt only upon touching them. The roof is painted in milky white and the floor is laid with square tiles that are ivory and glossy.  The area is connected to every other part of the house and so it has 4 doors and a pathway that leads to the kitchen and the master bedroom. Since the balcony door is open most of the time, the area is filled with the fragrance of seasonal flowers that have blossomed in the public park nearby.


(version 2)
A big glass window that floods the room with natural daylight makes the room that I am sitting in appear much more spacious than it actually is. The off-white treatment of the roof, walls and the floor also help in accomplishing the desired result. Although the matte finish of the walls and the roof are a subtle touch to balance the light reflecting off of the shiny floor. The room tries to confuse the guest about the owner because it has a few toys placed in the same shelf where a few books from authors like Khalil Gibran and Shakespeare sit. A few planters can be seen in the balcony from the sofa which try to add life to the whole look and feel of the area. Still, one can easily conclude that the room has been readied hastily which is evident from the lack of finishing touches at the door and window edges. An absence of wall clock and electronic devices other than just the basic ones establishes this room as the one where time might not fly.