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The road less cluttered


Engough said

Danger, Will Robinson!

Day 1

I have decided to give Things (iPhone) a shot and will wait a bit to purchase the IPad version. Evernote seems pretty cool and I will most likely upgrade after I get more comfortable.

I have input 136 open loops into Things and to accomplish all of them I will divide the tasks into 2 categories Present and Future. The present category will be anything that can be accomplished in less than 30 minutes (dishes, read for fun, 2 mile run, etc.) these tasks will be done on a weekly and even daily basis. Once the task becomes a habit or is no longer needed it will be replaced. Future tasks will be anything that takes longer than 2 hours to complete (Read GTD for Dummies, improving a skill,). Each day will consist of 8 present tasks and 2 future tasks. There are no real time limits all that matters is that they are completed each day.

In the future I may add time requirements or even increase the number of tasks per day. My one goal is to turn this habit into a lifestyle.

Day 2

During Phase 2 and 3 there was a lot of resistance on my part, and I feel some of my tasks are still too vague and need to be broken down further. I guess this is something that will improve over time. I think MyLifeOrganized is the PC equivilant to Things, so I will try it out in a few months after GTD has become more routine. 

Watching David Allen talking on GDT

Part 1 

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


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