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Ann Morry

Illustrator - Infographist - Webdesigner



The return of the Sketchbook [Reboot ^^]

Hello !

As a graphic designer and illustrator for a little fashion brand, I have to draw everyday, but recently I really feel that I always drawing the same things with the same techniques. 

With this class, I'll try to break out of my comfort zone and drawing just for myself.

Day 01 - First Try :D 

For the Day one, I realised this illustration with the tools I had on my desk , some color pencils and felt pens.

A friend of mine came at my home to cook some croque monsieurs and madame so I choose this topic ^^


The return part 02

The Muji Notebook I used first had not a really good paper so I wasn't allowed to try different technics like watercolor or acrylique.

I almost finished it (without posting anything here ... sorry ^^ ) So I choosed a little Moleskine one with cardboard pages. So now, I can draw anything I want, the way I want... I hope you'll like it :)

Day One 

A creepy doll as I love them ^^ ! I really love to draw them and let people imagine their stories. A friend of mine told me that she can be the daughter of Jack Squellington and Sally :D Why not !


Tomorrow an other one :D  


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