The protagonist


Name : Trevor Fredrick

Goal : To graduate and become a professor of religious studies.

Flaw : Stubborn and refuses help from others.

Age : 19

Sex : Male

Hight : 6ft

Weight : 175 lbs

Race : Caucasian

Hair : Brown

Eye color : brown

Grooming : Middle class

Clothing : a clean business casual look.

Physical ability : Average

Speech : US English with no accent

Parents : both alive and still married

Siblings : None

Friends : Benjamin Lines, Ahrianna Dawson

Least favorite person : Gregorian

Enemy : Emilia Leone

Residence : Two bedroom apartment

Neighborhood : Campus doorms

Cultural background : Southern Central United States

Memberships : campus library

Schooling : Above average grades near the top 10 students from the graduating class.

Attitude toward school : Serious Student

Popularity : A few friends

Mentor : Amadeus Tombs

Favorite sport : Track

Work experience : Job at the local library.

Hobbies : reading, adventure games, running.

Likes : All types of music, crime drama and supernatural shows, mystery and Sifi books.

Dislikes : unfair institutions, modern art, darkness

Fears : heights, blood, death

Dreams : He dreams about having his friend alive again.

Life Goals : 5 yrs have his BA, 10 yrs to have his master's in teaching and religious studies, 30 yrs to be a notable professor of his field.

Nervous Habit : Chewing

Foibles : Irritable when he feels belittled.

Reasoning style : Rational but reserved

How do his friends see him? Passionate but reserved. Generally a good person to talk to.

Is he shy or bold? He tends to be more bold.

Is he talkative or taciturn? Taciturn

What irritates, embarrasses, or bores him? He gets irritated by injustice he sees, but gets bored with what he sees as pointless arguments.

How would he finish this sentence? "My life is..."

"My life is my own problem."