The places I love in Kiel, Germany

The places I love in Kiel, Germany - student project

I would like to make a map of the city I live in - Kiel, situated in the North of Germany at the beautyful coastline of the Baltic Sea.

As I mentioned before there is a "happening" in Kiel every once and a while where people "open up" a restaurant or café for one day at their home/apartment, it is called "Restaurant Day" - I plan to make a map for that occasion as well.

1. why am I making this map?

I think because I'd like to colect all the places I like (restaurants, shops, nive hang-out-places) for me and for others - visitors as well as people who don't know anything about the city yet.

2. Why am I the expert to make this map?

Because it will be a personal approach to my city! But I guess every citizen here can make her/his own map of Kiel (might be interesting to see those different maps!).  But I am no expert at all at drawing, making, crafting or so...

3. Who is my target audience?

Everone who wants to visit Kiel; as well as my family and friends...

4. Do I want my final project to be print or digital?

I don't know yet - but probably digital...

5. What level of detail do I need?

I think a lot of detail about the places I want to show, but less about the city structure and the actual streets and distances.

6. Dear class, I need your help/expertise/guidance on how to.....

..make it look nice? I'd love to hear what you like and what not.

So - here is my first hand-drawn - map...

The places I love in Kiel, Germany - image 1 - student project