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The place where you are




Its easy to fall in love rather then keep it true.

Rachita Agrawal , a dental surgeon just got her degree . Far from the realm of sweet love she is only desired to become a professional . Love is not in her to-do list so marriage is out of option .

Sky Adkins , upcoming most desirable billionaire . He is fully devoted towards his job yet eager to find a suitable bride .

This is the story of two different individuals , different country , different culture that coincide at the same path . Not everyone got their true love alas everybody.
The journey to find your true self has to start from somewhere , not everybody can live alone in this big damn world . Irony is everbodys' friend .

Time is slipping each second from their hand , it is not obliged to anyone .

Target audience: Anyone who is intrested in romance-comedy , arranged marrige , culture , religion , intercast marriages . 

Few words from author: I know the blurb can be more exciting and so the book but let me try to write down what exactly i feel . I am  a 'PANSTER' .I write at the moment whatever strikes me . Thanks to Rebecca I now have a little courage to post my project too. 


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